Why us?

Censorship and excessive charges have pushed many creators to look beyond Patreon

You Own The Content
You keep Your Earnings
You Won't Get Banned

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PinePage Patreon

Free Speech

PinePage is a safe space for your audience members to indulge in their quirks. Stop walking on eggshells and benefit from the freedom of creative expression we stand for. We place no limitations on the ways you provide value to your fanbase as long as it does not violate the law.

One-Off Support

More than half of creators’ traffic is typically made up of users who never visit their platform again. Memberships require an attachment, not everyone is ready to commit to. Give your entire audience the means to express their appreciation through a single act of support or the purchase of a download.


Design membership plans that make sense to you. You have the flexibility to match any level of engagement through the ways you choose to reward your users.

Direct Payments

Without transaction fees and commissions, you simply earn more. Your fans interact directly with your preferred payment platform every time they choose to support your work.

Own Domain

We provide you with reliable and secure hosting. Transfer your existing domain to our platform or register your own PinePage domain.

Keeping Contact

Capture email addresses through show notes or subscriptions to your newsletter. Track user origins and take advantage of the handy data export feature as often as you deem fit.