PinePage Ambassador

Earn 30% of the PinePage subscription plan proceeds from every new creator you refer to our platform for the duration of 6 months. Unlock unlimited features! Boost your earning potential through active endorsement of PinePage on your existing Social Media platforms.

About you

You are a creator with a dedicated following.

Your accounts boast a steady audience engagement.

You would like to be a part of the shift towards freedom of expression for all creators.

You could use an extra income stream.

How it works

  1. Introduce your followers to PinePage
  2. Become a Pine Page Ambassador and actively endorse the platform on your existing Social Media accounts

  3. Earn 30% of the PinePage subscription plan proceeds resulting from every new sign-up you refer for 6 months
  4. Enjoy unlimited features and your new income stream

Ambassador FAQs

How do I get paid?

Your earnings will be processed to your linked account monthly.

Will I continue to get paid if the creator I refer discontinues their membership?

Unfortunately, you will only get paid for the months their account remains active.

What is the earning potential?

You can refer an unlimited number of new users. The sky is the limit.

Can I become a PinePage Ambassador without using the platform?

We don’t see why not.

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